Backstage Belgrade

Capacaity: 700

Age required: 21+

Music: House music

Working days: Thu, Fri, Sat

About Backstage Belgrade

This is Backstage Belgrade! Discover the pulsating heart of European nightlife in Belgrade, a city that’s rapidly becoming the continent’s premier party destination. Adding to its vibrant night scene is Backstage, a gem nestled in the very core of Belgrade, a mere stone’s throw from the iconic Republic Square. Backstage isn’t just another spot on the map; it’s a doorway to an unparalleled night out, promising an atmosphere buzzing with electric vibes and adorned with the presence of beautiful people.

Why choose Backstage? Because a night here offers more than just music; it’s an experience. Whether you’re kicking off your evening with us before diving into the city’s famed nightclubs or deciding to let our resident DJs guide your journey till the wee hours, Backstage ensures your night is nothing short of fantastic. The choice is yours, and with options this good, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable adventure.

Embrace the night. Choose Backstage Bar for an evening filled with possibilities, set against the backdrop of Belgrade’s legendary nightlife. Let’s make memories together.